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The Ancient Egyptians frequently experimented with ramps, levers and various types of stone used in the construction of pyramids. During the Middle Ages, people designed the drawbridge and catapult. In World War II, engineers created the stealth submarine and radar systems. We now live in a high technology society and it is vital that we increase interest in engineering and general sciences abroad. To do this, we need to inspire the youth of today so that they may become the scientists and engineers of tomorrow. Visual Education Project is designed to attract high school students, their parents and teachers to the world of engineering and technology. We offer hands-on lessons with science mentors to enhance learning processes, excite students and stimulate their interest in mechanical engineering.

Engineering has existed since ancient times as humans devised fundamental inventions such as the pulley, lever, and wheel. The term engineering itself has a much more recent etymology, deriving from the word engineer, which itself dates back to 1325, when an engineer (literally, one who operates an engine) originally referred to a constructor of military engines. Later, as the design of civilian structures such as bridges and buildings matured as a technical discipline, the term civil engineering entered the lexicon as a way to distinguish between those specializing in the construction of such non-military projects and those involved in the older discipline of military engineering.

Over 100 engineering models are looking for the opportunity to be displayed on permanent facility

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History of Perpetual Motion Inventions

Old and new Concepts of Perpetual Motion Machines. Unique mechanical designs implemented in fully functional workable models

Modern Concepts for PM Machines

Video from the Future

Perpetual Rotation

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Recommended books for those who want to learn more about Perpetual Motion

Paul Scheerbart

He was a novelist, playwright, poet, newspaper critic, draughtsman, visionary, proponent of glass architecture, and would-be inventor of Perpetual Motion

27 drawings in this book

Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume

Perpetual Motion: The History of an Obsession

This book is a very interesting account of perpetual motion through the ages, from when Mankind first invented the wheel to electricity and magnetism. It has detailed pictures of different supposed perpetual motion machines and gives a reason why each did not work. A definitive book on the subject

John Collins

Perpetual Motion - An Ancient Mystery Solved?: Investigation into the Legend of Bessler's Wheel

Not reviewed

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